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Exploring Methods In mobile application development in Chicago JatApp org

Exploring Methods In mobile application development in Chicago JatApp org

Mobile App Design 10 Ways to Be Trendy In 2016

Key Views of Changing Your Website in to a Mobile phone Application

Today, mobile apps play a bigger role than any other technology for business development. According to the app analytic company, Flurry, people spend in average 127 minutes a day on mobile apps.

JatApp experts state that businesses which cannot provide quality mobile apps lose as the customers’ demands are left unsatisfied. If you want to move your business to the forefront and be competitive among other companies, mobile app is what you cannot ignore. Here are 10 tips on how to create a mobile app that will be admired by your customers.

1. Diffuse Background

Diffuse background was one of the most popular trends among websites designers and today it is widely used by mobile app developer companies. It has a clean and simple style and helps designers to set an action button making it more visible and accessible for users.

2. Simple Navigation

Mobile app should be simple in navigation and must have a clear interface. Users don’t like wasting much time searching for the necessary content. Remember, you should create your app so your customers could easily find any information or service.

3. Innovative Scrolling

Today, many mobile app developer companies offer the same large images, colors and other interface elements which seem similar. Designers need to find a way that will help them to make an app unique. The next step will be innovative scrolling. Users hate when they have to spend much time clicking on different pages and links. Innovative scrolling should enable smooth and easy navigation.

4. Big and Bold Fonts

Big and bold fonts are regularly mobile application development business plan following what make your app memorable for users. It can even give a new life to the insipid apps and capture the visitors’ attention.

5. Simple Color Schemes

Nowadays, simple colors are in trend again. Neon or blazing green that were so popular in 2013 seem to be tasteless now. JatApp experts recommend using simple colors that are associated with your brand. They will underline the exclusiveness of your app.

6. Context Aware User Interface

If you believe that your app does not engage visitors, you should make it smarter! Due to context awareness element provided by the majority of mobile app developer companies, you can identify your users’ activity. You can receive information about your users’ location, activity or time when they use the app. The analysis of this data will help you to improve your app and make it more attractive to users.

7. Comeback of Skeuomorphism

During the last years such world famous brands like Microsoft and Apple became more flat than ever. Today, the situation starts changing and in the recent future mobile app developer companies will return to skeuomorphism again. Skeuomorphism makes an app more vivid, unique and gives a bit of vintage style to an app design.

8. Positive Appeal of Social Media Buttons

According to writer Henna Ray, almost 50 percent of all shoppers follow the recommendations that they find in the social media. Your app should be integrated with social media so your users can log into your app using their favorite social media platforms. Social media buttons become more popular today and almost all new apps offer to sign up via one of the social media platforms.

9. Wearable Gadgets are Here to Stay

Apple Watch has motivated many mobile app developer companies to create apps that will be compatible with wearable gadgets. Easiness in use navigation, access to product’s information as well as an opportunity to make purchase is the short list of advantages that users receive with wearable gadgets. It is worth to invest in it today.

10. The Grand Scheme of Interactive Designs

Today, we start focusing more on users’ demands. The challenge we faced made us to find new solutions and it gave a birth for interaction design development. The new interactive elements have to satisfy customers’ need in an interesting and creative app.

Wrapping It Up!

These are the top 10 tips that include all trends and will help you make your app successful. It will be really exciting to see how these trends will change in the future or stay the same even after many years.

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